Bellefleur Physiotherapy Beechwood

Our Beechwood physiotherapy centre is not like most other physiotherapy clinics, it is designed to offer an exceptional customer experience. Our modern and calming centre provides each customer with an environment that promotes privacy and peace of mind. You can rest assured that our award-winning team and unmatched professional healthcare environment will provide you with one-on-one personalized care to suit your needs. This is coupled with private treatment rooms and state of the art equipment, making our clinic one of the leading physiotherapy centres in Ottawa. Our ‘Higher Standards of Care’ will ensure that you receive the treatment that you need and the level of care that you deserve.

Bellefleur Physiotherapy Beechwood

Beechwood physiotherapy map

Our Beechwood physiotherapy centre is located on Beechwood Ave at the Vanier Parkway. Centrally located to service the residents of New Edinburgh, Rockcliffe Park, Lindenlea, Manor Park, Vanier, Lower Town, Byward Market and Overbrook.

Beechwood physiotherapy staff

Our Beechwood physiotherapy clinic is staffed by friendly and caring individuals who want to see you achieve your goals of living without pain and participating in the activities and hobbies that you enjoy.

Beechwood Physiotherapy private treatment room

Our Beechwood physiotherapy clinic is a modern and calming centre which provides each customer with an environment that promotes privacy and peace of mind to make you at ease in your healing and recovery. When you are in our centre, you will feel cared for.

Award-winning approachThe Beechwood Physiotherapy clinic has the same award-winning approach that has been used in our Orléans clinic for over 5 years.

To find out about our Award-Winning approach, check out the article that was featured in the Ottawa Citizen.

To learn more about the awards that we have been recipients of, visit our Awards page.

Bellefleur Physiotherapy offers patients in Ottawa exceptional care with a personalized treatment plan to suit your specific needs. If you are suffering from pain or have recently experienced an injury, our Ottawa Physiotherapists will ensure you get back to the activities you enjoy and love. Call us at (613) 695-7852 for an appointment today or email us at to book a consultation.

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