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Being involved in the community is really important to the Bellefleur Physiotherapy team. The Bellefleur brothers support and participate frequently at local events. They’ve helped out injured participants at the Orléans Relay for Life (Canadian Cancer Society) for several years, provided the Ride the Rideau Bike Ride (Ottawa Hospital Foundation) with on road and post-ride injury support and provided taping (in collaboration with Tensor Canada) for the past couple of years to participants of the Spartan Race. Dave has been the trainer for both the University of Ottawa Men’s Baseball and Cheerleading teams. They also support many local community groups such as the Orléans Cumberland and Eastern Ottawa Community Resource Centres, the Orléans Army Cadets and the Rotary Club of Orléans through their various fundraising initiatives. “Give back to the community and the community gives back to you”, these are important words that the team believes in!

Over the past several years, Jason has been an active member of the Orléans Chamber of Commerce (OCC), enthusiastically promoting local business within the Orléans area. He has served on the Board of Directors at the OCC for 4 years, and he is now the Chair/President of the organization.

Bellefleur Physiotherapy is a big supporter of The Arthritis Society and the many services they offer to those affected by the various forms of arthritis. Over the past 4 years, Bellefleur Physiotherapy has participated in the Walk to Fight Arthritis and our team has been able to raise over $6000 in the process.

Bellefleur Physiotherapy is not only an unmatched physiotherapy provider, they’re also your community physiotherapy clinic.

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