Dominique Albert – Bilingual Physiotherapist

Dominique Albert was raised in Smooth Rock Falls, a small francophone town in northern Ontario, and moved to Ottawa for his post secondary education. Dominique obtained his Master’s in Health Sciences in Physiotherapy after finishing his Honours Bachelor of Sciences.

Dominique believes that everyone’s injury is unique and personal, and as such, the treatment approach should be tailored to their needs. This is why Dominique chose to work at Bellefleur Physiotherapy where private treatment rooms and a 1-on-1 interaction enhances the treatment experience.

Dominique focuses on musculoskeletal/orthopedic injuries which commonly prevent or limit people’s favorite activities. Dominique is keen on providing specific manual therapy treatments and exercise programs in order to promote a quick and optimal recovery for a speedy return to your favourite activities.

Dominique enjoys staying active during the summer by playing golf and baseball and also enjoys canoe camping. During the winter he stays active with hockey, down hill and cross-country skiing.


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