Melinda Bezaire – Office Coordinator

Melinda BezaireMelinda Bezaire joined the Bellefleur Physiotherapy Team as a Full-Time Office Coordinator in February 2020. She is fluent in Swiss, German, English, but also is working on her regaining some French. Her passion is focused on client satisfaction and well-being. Never shy on sharing a smile, providing a helping hand or to go the extra mile to ensure each client is being cared for. Melinda completed her 3 year hair stylist apprenticeship in Switzerland and added a Business Diploma before she moved to Canada. She has been working in customer service for 15 years and is driven to continuously improve herself. In her free time she enjoys the little things in life such as walking her two dogs Balu and Molly, playing on the PS4, cooking with her husband and watching thunderstorms.

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