Don’t Be a Stick-in-the-Mud, Give “The Stick” a Try

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As the old saying goes, “sticks and stones may break my bones…”, so my clients seem to be repeating in their minds.

Rest assured that “The Stick” will not be breaking any bones. Do not be afraid to use this product at home, it is far superior and less complicated then using a medicine ball, tennis ball, foam roller, etc.

So what is “The Stick” exactly?

The Stick

The Stick

It’s essentially like a thin rolling pin that has some flexibility, with several spindles that move around.  Typically, it is rolled up and down the tight muscle, starting off with light pressure and progressively increasing the force.  “The Stick” has a little bit of flex to it, allowing it to contour to our limbs. The packaging refers to this product as a “toothbrush for muscles” due to the spindles targeting specific spots.

Does “The Stick” help us keep our muscles healthy?


How do we know if a muscle isn’t healthy? Pain is the most common indicator that dysfunction is occurring. We might also feel tightness, cramping, spasm or even a so called “knot”, which is a very specific tight point in the muscle.

What about other brands or similar products?


I have tried more rigid sticks and because they don’t “mold” around the contours of the body and they don’t have any give, they are very uncomfortable and almost intolerable for clients.

Various self-treatment options

Various self-treatment options

At the end of the day, what do we gain from using “The Stick”?


It certainly helps to decrease muscle soreness and pain and can help increase our flexibility. Functionally this allows us to continue our activity, work on strength, and minimize injuries or shorten our recovery time.

In conclusion, “The Stick” is a very useful treatment tool for home use. For those who are very active, having one at home can help remedy muscle pain you may feel after training, playing sports or doing any activity. With any home remedy, if it doesn’t do what it is intended to do it would be wise to consult a healthcare professional about the issue at hand.

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  • Ed Brake

    Looks like it could be helpful when things tighten up.

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