Are All Physiotherapy Clinics the Same?

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Important Questions to Ask Before Scheduling Your First Visit with a Physiotherapist

You’ve been told you need Physiotherapy but how do you choose a good provider? Are all Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy clinics the same? Will you get the same type of treatment anywhere you go? It’s always good to do research and get feedback from family members, friends and co-workers. Here are 4 important questions to ask a physiotherapy clinic before making your first appointment.

Will my first Physiotherapy visit be 1 hour with a Physiotherapist?

The initial consultation is really important as it lays down the ground work for the treatment plan. Taking an appropriate amount of time allows the physiotherapist to listen to you explain your symptoms and limitations, do all the appropriate tests to come up with a diagnosis, explain the findings to you and providing you with a treatment plan and home program. If this first visit is less than 1 hour in length, the physiotherapist has no choice but to cut corners, it will not be thorough enough.


Will I only see a Physiotherapist?

You are paying for physiotherapy, so hopefully you are receiving physiotherapy from a physiotherapist. Be aware that most physiotherapy clinics hire support staff, such as physiotherapist assistants or kinesiologists. We have nothing against these positions, but you shouldn’t be paying top dollar if you only spend 10-15 minutes with a physiotherapist and the rest of your time is spent with support staff. At the same time, if you are seeing a physiotherapist for an entire 30+ minute session, expect to pay more, but generally in this situation the treatment plan is more tailored to your specific needs.

Will I see the same Physiotherapist throughout my treatment?

Imagine this scenario, you met a Physiotherapist, went through your entire injury history, developed some rapport with this person and feel comfortable with them. You are excited for your second session and working with the physiotherapist to get you better, but another physiotherapist takes over this treatment. Now you have to explain things all over again, taking valuable time away from your treatment session. Not the ideal situation, right? Seeing the same Physiotherapist not only helps with continuity of care but also with your own comfort.

Physiotherapy Clinics

Will all my treatments be provided in private treatment rooms?

One of the most uncomfortable aspects of physiotherapy is being in a large gym area with rows of beds that are only divided by curtains. Imagine people nearby hearing your entire conversation, doesn’t quite help with feeling comfortable, doesn’t it?! Having private treatment rooms helps to keep conversations confidential, increases peace of mind and decreases stress levels which usually improves level of comfort and treatment outcomes.

When choosing a Physiotherapist or calling around various clinics, make sure to ask the questions above so you know what you are paying for. If a provider is able to provide the above levels of service, this will enhance your physiotherapy experience. Remember, physiotherapy is a business, understand the service and fees to get the most value for your dollar – this will ultimately benefit your recovery.

Have you had a previous physiotherapy experience and were they able to meet some of the above criteria? How would you rate your experience?

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  • Jaque Christo

    Thank you for the post on if all physiotherapy clinics are the same. I like the idea to get feedback from family, friends, or previous patients of any clinic before deciding on one. that way you can get a better understanding of how they operate and narrow down your search.

  • Moira Blythe

    I am looking for a physiotherapy clinic, but I have never been to one before. I appreciate the advice to find a clinic that will let me see the doctor for the full time instead of just the support staff. This is something that I didn’t think of before, so this is great advice!

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