Running – From Couch to 10k

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Running – From Couch to 10k

Running is becoming an increasingly popular activity, as it is a great way to exercise, reduces your risk of developing various diseases, and has a significant social aspect to it as well. Whether you run regularly or are just starting out, the downside of running is that it can put a significant strain on the body, especially if someone pushes themselves too hard or too quickly (overtraining), has poor running technique, or inadequate footwear. Is it possible to go from the couch to 10k?

Our HR Operations Manager, Meghan Fish-Bellefleur, took up running in the summer of 2016, having no previous running experience. She participated in the Army Run 5km race in September 2016. She also took part in the CIBC Run for the Cure (5km run). Her next goal is to complete the 10km run at Ottawa Race Weekend in May 2017. Follow her along her journey of being non-runner to completing a 10km race.

Topics That Will Be Covered

How do we start running?

How hard do we have to push ourselves?

What do we consider overtraining?

What are common challenges and how do we overcome them?

How can we prevent injuries?

Find out all this and more through this video blog.

Video 1 – Introduction

For Part 2 of the “Running From Couch to 10k” series please click here -> So You Want To Run?

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