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You are injured. You know you need to fix the problem, your spouse has been nagging you to see someone, your doctor has suggested that you book with a Physiotherapist, so you finally take the plunge and google search physiotherapy in your area. Results: a bunch of sponsored ads from random physio companies and pages upon pages of businesses vying for your call. So you go to Facebook and ask your friends or local community who they would call. Everyone seems to know someone, but you narrow it down to a couple commonly mentioned names. Some of those company names you have heard about on flashy radio ads, and they have multiple locations across the city, maybe even province. The other company that was mentioned has only one single location and you vaguely remember seeing their name while you were shopping in the area, but they are still highly recommended.

Sound familiar? How do you choose when they were both referred to you and are equally qualified to treat your condition?

If you have to add one important deciding factor to your list, make sure to support your local, independently owned physiotherapy clinic. You have heard a deliberate focus on supporting local businesses in the news, especially in relation to the retail or restaurant industry. However, many small local healthcare businesses would also appreciate your support.

Why choose a local, independently owned physiotherapy clinic?

1- Physiotherapy owners are invested in the community.

Independent businesses are run by people, not by boards, stockholders, or algorithms. There is a tremendous amount of risk and challenges inherent to starting your own business, but these owners are investing their hard earned dollars into the future of the community. When you purchase from locally owned businesses rather than a larger corporate owned clinic, more money is kept in the community because locally-owned businesses often purchase from other local businesses and service providers, and create jobs for local citizens. They want to see the community succeed.

2-  Client service is a priority in local clinics.

You get a different kind of customer service level when attending these clinics because their work is a reflection of themselves. Instead of focusing on the next business venture and expansion into another market, local clinic owners are focusing on the details of their service and knowing their clientele. If you have any issues, you are not left having to call and speak to random strangers over the phone from corporate, you get to deal head-on with the owner. Changes can be made immediately with less red tape to navigate.

3- Local physiotherapy clinics support local causes.

Whether it is donating to a local hockey team, helping to fund raise money for a particular charity, or joining a volunteer community association, local small businesses are invested in the things that matter the most to our community.

So when you have the chance to choose between your local physiotherapy business and a large corporate competitor, go with a local option if you can. They become part of the unique character of our neighborhoods and you’ll see that your choice not only benefits you, but the greater good of your community.

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